The power of Red Hill terroir

Extract from our latest newsletter.

Why grow Pinot Noir at Eldridge?

Influence of the terroir on our wines.

With all this year’s harvest tucked away in barrel under the house, we thought we might reflect on why we grow Pinot Noir at Eldridge.

As you may know Pinot Noir, is referred to as the “heartbreak grape” this is because of its delicacy. It has a very thin skin, making it susceptible to disease, and its fragility makes it a challenge to work with. It is also this thin skin characteristic that contributes to Pinot Noir’s ethereal qualities and makes it possibly the most sought after wine in the world. It is a particularly expressive wine known for its complex aromas, subtle flavours, and the ability to showcase the nuances of where it was grown, or its terroir. Terroir is a technical, French term that refers to the combination of climate, soil and terrain where the grapes are grown.

The soil in which Pinot Noir grapes grow greatly impacts their flavour profile. They do well in limestone, clay, and volcanic soils. Limestone soils produce wines with lively acidity, vibrant red fruit flavors, and a refined minerality. Clay-based soils contribute to a fuller body, richer texture, and darker fruit notes. The red volcanic soil, known as Red Hill, gives our Pinot Noir a variety of bright red fruit flavors.

Vineyard eldridge Estate

Pinot Noir is sensitive to climate, responding to temperature, sunlight, and rainfall. Cool-climate regions, often yield Pinot Noir wines with higher acidity, lower alcohol levels, and red fruit aromas. Even within a single region, microclimates can influence the final wine, highlighting the intricate relationship between terroir and Pinot Noir. At Eldridge, because of our location at the top of the hill, and situated at the midpoint between Victoria’s two bays, we benefit from cool breezes that come off both bays in summer to cool the vineyard.

The physical features of a vineyard impact the character of Pinot Noir. Steep slopes improve drainage and concentrate flavors. North-facing vineyards (in the Southern Hemisphere) receive more sunlight, enhancing ripeness. High-altitude vineyards have cooler temperatures, extending the growing season and adding acidity. Eldridge vineyard benefits from all these factors: a north-facing slope, red volcanic soil, and high altitude, resulting in a unique and complex flavor profile. 

If you would like to read more about our Pinot Noir and terroir you can go to our vineyard page

Cellar Door Sales Assistant

With Marion, returning to France, we need a new Cellar Door Sales Assistant, and we would love nothing more than to welcome a member or a friend of a member to join the family at Eldridge Estate. The Cellar Door Sales Assistant is responsible for conducting wine tastings; preparing and serving our platters, and promoting the sales of our award-winning wines.
This is a casual role requiring the successful candidate to work on a Saturday and/or Sunday. We offer great pay, including all leave loading and penalty rates, in accordance with the Wine Industry Award. if you know someone with a RSA certificate and a passion for wine, who might be interested please pass our details or if you’re interested, the job description here.

Stay tuned for more detailed information in our upcoming newsletter edition. We can’t wait to share all the wonders that the world of wine has to offer with you!

Cheers to extraordinary wines and the journey they inspire ! 

Elli & Vicki