The Vineyard

The traditional owners of the land are the Boon Wurung tribe of the Kulin nation who managed this area for thousands of years respecting land, plant and animal. As the current custodians of the vineyard we care for the land and try to avoid excessive use of monoculture style farming. We also try to remove invasive plants that are not native such as ragwort. The vineyard is rich with the noise of insects, birds and several species of frogs.

We aim to produce hand crafted wines of distinction that are true to the grape variety and the flavours  from our unique site.

Eldridge Vineyard

We have 3 hectares (8 acres) under vines all with superb views of the valley and hills behind the vineyard and winery. The vineyard has an altitude of 225 metres so in altitude and climate, the site is similar to Burgundy in France.

First planted : 1984

Total area under vines : 3 ha (8 acres)

Altitude : 225 m

Lattitude & longitude : 38 22′ 16″, 145 1′ 11″

Soils : Volcanic red clay


The vineyard is north facing and on a slope that drops 45 metres from the top, near Arthurs Seat Road,  to the spring-fed dam at the bottom.  It is protected from harsh winds by natural land forms which result in a long, cool, ripening period.


The soils range from Red Ferrosols at the top of slopes where drainage is best to Red Dermosols on the lower slopes where drainage is not so good. 

Both soil types show strong aggregation that allows deep and extensive root penetration. 

The profiles are gradational in texture with a gradual increase in clay content to 40-60%. Being formed on deeply weathered basaltic parent material, the soils are only slightly acid (pH 6-7) with an adequate nutrient status and active organic matter turnover. The soils also have excellent water storage capacity which means that irrigation is not used.

The image shows a thick tap root of a vine in row 36. It goes straight down beyond the 2 metre depth of the sample pit that we dug in 2014. The small roots are closer to the surface and take advantage of ambient rainfall.

Pinot Noir on Eldridge Estate

Welcome to our premium Pinot Noir vineyard, where excellence meets terroir. Nestled in the heart of a picturesque valley, our vineyard boasts the perfect combination of factors that create an unparalleled wine experience.

  • Soil Composition: Our vineyard’s soil is meticulously nurtured, consisting of a unique blend of rich, red, volcanic soil. This exceptional composition fosters the ideal conditions for cultivating premium Pinot Noir grapes. The soil’s mineral-rich nature imparts an elegant minerality and remarkable complexity to our wines, elevating them to a class of their own.

  • Microclimate: Located in a cool-climate region, our vineyard enjoys the gentle embrace of ocean breezes and the temperate influence of its location at the top of Red Hill. These microclimatic conditions contribute to the slow and steady ripening of the grapes, ensuring optimal flavor development and retaining the grape’s natural acidity. This delicate balance results in Pinot Noir wines that embody finesse and sophistication.
  • Altitude and Topography: Our vineyard is high on Red Hill with a steep slope. The slope enhances drainage, leading to more concentrated flavours. The vineyard is North-facing providing great sun exposure, which is optimal for grape maturation and resulting in greater grape ripeness and intensity. Meanwhile, being one of the highest altitude vineyards on the Peninsula it experiences cooler temperatures, extending the growing season and lending the wine higher acidity and freshness. This harmonious interplay between altitude and topography produces Pinot Noir wines of exceptional depth and character.
  • Craftsmanship: At our vineyard, we adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our skilled and passionate team meticulously tend to the vineyard throughout the season, hand-selecting the finest grapes and employing sustainable practices. Through a delicate balance of tradition and innovation, we create wines that honour the unique qualities of our terroir while embodying the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship.