The Family

Eldridge is a family name, and Eldridge Estate is a family. We are a small, boutique vineyard and  winery, where we lovingly tend to everything ourselves.


Elli was born overseas, his parents fleeing war to settle in Australia. They brought baby Elli and not much else with them. The family name Tutungi means tobacco seller and Elli’s family have been merchants for generations. Historically, Elli’s family traded quality products like tobacco and wine.  

When they came to Australia, Jack and Vasso Tutungi stressed the importance of education on young Elli, and Elli studied hard to succeed as an anaesthetist.


Vicki’s parents, Ian and Robyn, live out in Gippsland, and prior to retirement farmed tomatoes. Ian is a self-taught engineer, having designed and built a number of time saving pieces of farming equipment. Vicki’s parents also stressed the importance of education, and Vicki became a lawyer.


After years of working in their chosen careers, and with the guidance of their mentors, Steve Webber and Leanne De Bortoli, Elli and Vicki have turned their love and knowledge of fine wines into a livelihood.

Whilst Elli continues to practice as an anaethetist, he and Vicki can be found, most days, tending to the vineyard or working in the winery. Their sons, Jacob and Jared, are following the family tradition and are completing their University education whilst also working in the vineyard and winery.