Pure decadance pairing chocolate and sparkling wine

Pairing chocolate with wine is a decadent and luxurious experience, and when it comes to sparkling wine, the effervescence plays a significant role in the pairing.

The bubbles in sparkling wine help to cut through the richness of chocolate, creating a balance of flavors that is simply divine. Additionally, the acidity in the wine complements the sweetness of the chocolate, creating a perfect harmony of taste sensations.

When choosing a sparkling wine to pair with chocolate, look for wines with fine bubbles and complex flavors. Traditional method sparkling wines are a great option.

For a truly exceptional experience, try pairing a dark chocolate with a brut or extra brut sparkling wine. The bitterness of the chocolate will complement the dryness of the wine, creating a beautiful balance.

At our winery, we take great pride in our Eldridge Estate 2017 sparkling wine. Made using the traditional method, it has fine bubbles and complex flavors that perfectly complement the richness of chocolate.

Pairing chocolate with sparkling wine is a match made in heaven. When done right, the balance of flavors is truly unforgettable. Why not indulge in this luxurious and decadent pairing experience.

Because Mum Deserves A Little Indulgence

We have put together a special gift for Mum on Mother’s Day.  It is a treat for the senses with our 2017 Eldridge Estate Sparkling Pf and Mornington Peninsula chocolate coated almonds, all packaged up with some lavender and gift card.  Spoil your Mum.  

The gift box is now available at the Cellar Door for $75.

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